The Irishman is confident that will soon occupy the first place.

A former UFC champion in two divisions, the Conor McGregor called himself the second best fighter in history after Anderson Silva. However, since Irish is still the soldier, he is confident that will rise and in the first place.

“Anderson Silva is the best fighter in history. And I’m number two. But I am still an active fighter. The rest of my career I’ll take his place. And easy.

George Saint-Pierre in third place. He’s far behind. Jones is the fourth, maybe third. I like John. It is incumbent, therefore, can rise above,” wrote McGregor in his Twitter.

Note that in your last fight, McGregor knocked out Donald serron in the tournament UFC 246. McGregor intends to continue to act not only in the octagon, but in the ring. Recently, he said that inspired on the second fight against Mayweather.

According to the materials: