Makarevich accused Radiohead of plagiarism of his clip (video)

In the new clip Lift Tom York is also coming, which is visited by different people

Andrey Makarevich. Photo: facebook.com/makarevichav

Musician Andrei Makarevich said that the band Radiohead ripped off the idea for the video “Lift” c clip “the Place where the light is” filmed in 2001 for the song “time Machine” – TJ.

In the clip, Lift the singer of Radiohead Thom Yorke is riding in the Elevator, which come in different people.

In the music video “time Machine” Andrei Makarevich is also coming, in which along the roller also come in different people.

Between clips there is some difference. For example, in the music video “time Machine” Elevator goes up, the clip Radiohead — down Thom Yorke carries with him two packages, and Makarevich — a backpack.

In addition, the video for “time Machine” the main action takes place in the car: there come the children, the doctors plastered the patient, which they give to light, the musicians, the participants of the beauty contest, as well as security forces with guns that throw a grenade into a dark hallway when the door opens.

In the clip Radiohead basically changed the scenery after the opening of the Elevator doors in corridor are visible upside-down plants in pots, on the next floor the Elevator door opens in someone’s apartment, then in the men’s room. The Elevator also comes cleaner and wash the floor down there, and the electrician — he changes the light bulb.

In addition to the same places where the events of the video, in both videos there are dogs that come into the cabin. At the end of the clip, after the door is opened, before Thom Yorke appears another Elevator, where a man wearing the same clothes as him. Andrei Makarevich at the end of your clip falls asleep on the floor.

Earlier, Makarevich said about the threats from Germany for a dislike for Putin.

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