Marina Litvinenko: If Russia was not another expert, in addition to Walter A. Litvinenko, against all the English experts that provided evidence at a public inquiry, then that says a lot

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The father of former Lieutenant Colonel of FSB Alexander Litvinenko Walter accused biochemist Alex Goldfarb in the poisoning of the son, most likely, from-for money. About this on air of the program “BATMAN” editor-in-chief of the edition “GORDON” Alesya Batman channel “112 Ukraine” said the widow of former Lieutenant Colonel Marina Litvinenko.

“I hate to speak on this subject. Especially to explain. Maybe you need psychiatrists or other professionals. On the other hand, there is a well known scheme since ancient times, are used as relatives. Wife against husband, children against parents. In this case very similar to this. Seriously speaking, if Russia was not another expert, in addition to Walter A. Litvinenko, against all the English experts that provided evidence at a public inquiry (the public hearings. – “GORDON”), it speaks volumes. It struck me that this is suddenly news. Rotten fish, the third fresh. Walter of the same thing said three times since 2012. He gave an interview, then repeated it immediately after the verdict. All the same, he said nothing new,” said Litvinenko.

She noted that Walter Litvinenko, likely paid.

“I think money. For some time he was in Italy, where since 2000 he lives his youngest son with his family. There he lived with his daughter and her family. He always said that he lives in poverty in a house without heating and electricity. I invited him to England. Said: “some time live with us.” And soon after our conversation, Walter Aleksandrovich gave an interview in which he cursed all of them, Sasha almost a traitor called. For me it was a definite shock. I couldn’t believe it. A man who has seen dying son, knowing what had happened to him. Even those 30 pieces of silver that he so needed at the moment, it’s not worth it. I think what happened on “the First channel”, is a continuation of testing 30 pieces of silver”, she said.

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Alexander Litvinenko died of poisoning by radioactive polonium-210 in London on 23 November 2006.

The investigation and trial of this case lasted for more than nine years. Was appointed judicial inquiry, public hearings began only in early 2015. According to one version, the motive for the murder of Litvinenko could be the presence of dirt on the representatives of the Russian authorities.

21 January 2016, London’s High court issued a conclusion that Litvinenko’s murder was probably sanctioned by Nikolai Patrushev, who in 2006 headed the FSB and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The executors of the murder admitted Russians, Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun, who, according to investigators, spiked with polonium in tea of Litvinenko.

March 20, 2018 Walter Litvinenko in an interview with the Russian “First channel” accused the associate of businessman Boris Berezovsky, biochemist Alex Goldfarb in the poisoning of his son.