Liev Schreiber had an affair with ex-lover Gerard Butler

49-year-old actor after breaking up with Naomi watts is ready for a new relationship

Liev Schreiber. Photo: REX

Last fall, Liev Schreiber broke up with actress Naomi watts after 11 years spent together. 49-year-old actor is ready for a new relationship. The other day he was photographed walking with ex-lover Gerard Butler – 41-year-old Morgan brown.

The newly minted couple went to a cafe and then walked around the streets of Los Angeles. “They were drinking coffee by Alfred on Melrose place, laughing and holding hands. And then walked arm in arm through the Park,” said a source to People magazine.

It is worth noting that even last month, brown was in a relationship with Gerard. 1 April Morgan and the star of the film “300” have caught for kissing in a restaurant in Los Angeles.

“Morgan and Gerard met in 2014. In November 2016, they decided to leave, but in February 2017 they got back together and gave the relationship another chance. It seems that nothing happened,” – said the insider.

In turn, Liv and Naomi, unlike other star couples who breakup, go through all rounds of litigation on the issues of property division and custody of children, have resolved all the issues amicably. “They managed to maintain friendly relations and to address issues regarding the upbringing of two children,” said the sources.

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