The press service of Poroshenko said that any criminal proceedings where it would appear the ex-President does not exist

Photo: Petro Poroshenko / Facebook

The state Bureau of investigation of Ukraine has created conditions so that there was the opportunity to arrange provocations near the building of the Ministry, when the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko came in for questioning. This opinion on 25 July, “theБабелю” said the lawyer of ex-President Igor Golovan.

“This circus is due to the constant leak from the GBR. That is, the provocateurs know in advance the date time… I say that RRG has created all the conditions for provocations,” – said Golovanov.

He argues that the RRT “plays into the hands” of Russia and “the whole package cases against” Poroshenko, which was opened by the statements of the former Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Yanukovych Andrei Portnov, is “to try to influence the decisions of the International Tribunal of the UN on prisoners of war to the Marines”.

The press service Poroshenko said in the Telegram that no criminal proceedings where it would appear the ex-President does not exist.

“We are also concerned that there is a constant leak of information that is received by the RRT, Mr Portnov and not only. We do not exclude that such materials are derived outside Ukraine, in Russia. If the state Bureau will discriminate and will not open a case against Portnov for false report of a crime, we will seek the truth to protect the country”, – said the press service Poroshenko.

July 25, Poroshenko came in for questioning. When pulled away from the building a group of people blocked a car. During the incident, security dragged saprygova on the hood man, he sprayed the contents of a canister of tear gas. A scuffle ensued activists with the security service, the attackers fled. In fact the incident the police opened criminal proceedings.

The man was a veteran of the regiment “Azov” Nikita Makeev. “I wanted revenge Poroshenko for all the five years of humiliation that he is using his players in the President’s Administration and appointees to the SCS [national migration service] has made in relation to foreign volunteers, promising them citizenship, but instead running through the nine circles of bureaucratic hell” – he explained his actions.

On 18 July the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has signed a decree granting Nikita Makeeva Ukrainian citizenship.

In September 2018, he told “BBC News Ukraine” that came from Russia to Ukraine in July 2014 due to “an acute sense of justice,” took part in the fighting in Donbas in the winter of 2014-2015.