Kyivenergo has introduced a new web service to condominiums – “a Personal account of the owner”

Now the chairmen of the associations do not have monthly walk-in service Centers

On Tuesday, November 5, regular meeting of the Council of condominiums at “Kyivenergo”. The main thing that bothers chairmen of associations of owners of multi-storey buildings: how will the heating season in Kiev, and how are the charges for heating to residents of high-rise buildings. It is with these issues they turned to the leadership of “Kyivenergo”.

In 2017 entered into force the Law of Ukraine “On commercial accounting of heat energy and water”. Chairmen of osmd interested in the question: what will change in the methodology of calculation for Central heating and hot water and in their relationship with the utility provider? The representatives of “Kyivenergo” explained the peculiarities of the new law and focused on the fact that has not accumulated base bylaws, which must detail to prescribe the method of charges for heating of common areas, installation considerations, maintenance and testing of residential meters and etc.

But now “Kyivenergo” does everything to improve customer service for associations of condominiums. To make charges more transparent and understandable to the managing houses and the people of Kiev, “Kyivenergo” has created a web service “Personal account of the owner”. It could make the indications of room counters of heat online for all accounts that are in condominiums. A test version of a new web service was presented at the meeting of the Council of condominiums at “Kyivenergo”.

Now the chairmen of the associations do not have monthly walk-in service Centers “Kyivenergo”, to provide information on the testimony. This can be done remotely on the website for customers to “Kyivenergo” on the link ok-te-home.kyivenergo.ua/user/register. As noted by General Director of PJSC “Kyivenergo” Alexander Fomenko, representatives of condominiums can now test Personal account and provide their comments and recommendations for the improvement of the service.

Board members of condominiums in the “Kyivenergo” also discussed the issues of quality of services, particularly the distribution of areas of responsibility in maintenance of exchangers, the problem of unauthorized extension, some residents of the heating space, heating them to pay the neighbors.

Chairmen of condominiums together with “Kyivenergo” has decided to send a letter to the Ministry of regional development and the Cabinet of Ministers with a proposal to restore the powers of GASK (the State architectural and construction inspection) for the inspection and control of violations of the unauthorized change of the heating space, the interference in the network engineering, particularly the Central heating in multi-storey buildings through attics, rebuilt balconies and other extensions.

Also touched on the issue of debts of Kiev for the heat to “Kyivenergo”. As of November 1, they reached almost 3 billion. People owed for heating and hot water to over half a billion hryvnia. Debts for heat of the capital Zhao and associations of owners of multi-storey buildings amounted to over UAH 650 million. Besides consumers, the company has no other financial sources to repay the debt for consumed gas. Therefore, violations of financial discipline threatens stable heat supply of Kiev.

Chairmen of condominiums were also able to get answers to other pressing questions and to make suggestions for improving the interaction with the “Kyivenergo”.

The Council of condominiums with “Kyivenergo” works in 2013 and help the company and managing homes to find a solution to the problematic issues of heat and electricity high-rise capital.

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