Jewelry child of the mountains: the story of the new Queen of biathlon Laura Dahlmeier

For the double Olympic Pyeongchang kamionka put in the third race of the Olympics-2018

Laura Dahlmeier. The first medals of the Olympic games were of the highest standard. AFP photo

Working, pulling all the forces of torturing and gusty wind at the shooting range, the route of the Olympic Pyeongchang in no hurry to surrender the Ukrainian biathletes. Better than others to the Korean terrain, and a chilling icy wind, adapted Vita Semerenko, twice finishing in the second ten. But for the champion of the 2014 Olympics, and for the fans “blue-yellow” this frankly enough, especially after the medals of the world Cup. Today the girls classic — individual race on 15 km with 4 lines. Most looking forward to the first two-time champion of the Games in 2018 Laura Dahlmeier, whose shooting hand trembled only once. So who is she the new Queen of biathlon?


  • The second race of the biathlon: Ukraine again without medals, and Laura dahlmeier makes Golden double

IN SPITE OF THE COLD. Often happens that at the Olympics of the favorites not glued — injuries, pressure, weather, but the rise of 24-year-old Laura’s logical and even predictable. German — the Queen of the last season, winner of the world Cup and the only biathlete in history to win 5 gold medals in one world Cup so hospitable took her in Hochfilzen. With the award of the race in Pyeongchang in the last 12 races in the top competitions (world Cup and Olympics) Dallmeier is not coming from the podium. In the quotes of this season Laura podupali due to a pathological tendency to colds- missed the start of KM, and then ached for the New year.

OUTWEIGHED RIFLE. If you were born in the Bavarian winter resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, skiing with the first steps you can’t avoid. So for fidgets Laura boring cross country skiing could not compete with the extreme slalom courses and downhill. Biathlon girl tried in seven years, and two years torn between two types. The Cup in the direction of the biathlon rifle rocked. “Laura could spend hours hanging out in the dash — remember the father. — Already went to ordinary fans and cadets of a military unit, and she was shot. Stop it could only stuffiness. All the time the daughter tried to hold in the air.”

BIKE. Parents, famous cyclists 90-ies Susie and Andreas believed that the daughter would follow in their footsteps and saddle mountain bike. To instill in Laura a love of the bike, though failed, but at the level of a hobby. By the way, the couple Dallmeier from the same region as the family of another prima biathlon Neuner. Often in their jewelry Studio wandered tourists looking for a home Magdalena. When Laura seriously chose biathlon and in 2011 brought medals from the first world Junior (personal the gold there collected by the Italian Dorothea wierer and bronze in the relay the Germans bypassed Ukraine with Iryna Varvynets and Anastasia Merkushina), the father worried that now on the job will come the crowd of onlookers and ask for directions to his home. And, apparently, afraid of no wonder…

NEUNER. After the Magdalena Neuner who only in Germany do not hang the label of its successor, including at Dallmeier, which is very flattering comparison. But the closest Neuner Laura also thanks to the total trainer, in love with biathlon Bernhard Crelly. As assistants he had no talents at all ages studied in one group, Dallmeier from childhood was currently working near Magdalena, “I watched with admiration as moves like holding a rifle. Then were ordered to myself: “Run, as Neuner! Shoot as Neuner!”. Now fans dream to see two geeks in the business against each other but Laura’s father believes that his daughter’s copy of the Lena: “Laura had worked for years on the fact, not to be second Neuner. And she did it”.

MOUNTAINEERING. “Everyone needs a hobby, for some it’s riding a car or going to a movie, to give relaxation for the mind and for me — mountains,” says Dallmeier passion is mountaineering. Together with his father and friends conquered Mont Blanc and Cordillera Blanca, made an ascention to Elbrus, but to reach the top prevented by the weather, and took two 6000-ka in Nepal, made friends with the famous climber Ueli Steam.

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