Jeff Seshns disappointing senators

Jeff Seshns disappointing senators

“Yes” and “no” don’t say

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“When someone is hurting you, get back at him so fiercely and so evil, as soon as you can. Be paranoid. I know that these words do not honor anyone of us, but let’s face it frankly: even your friend, quite possibly, wants to steal from you wife and wealth.”

Jeff Sachs to the Senate Committee on intelligence

This is a quote from the book of Donald trump’s “How to become rich”. Probably someday he will write “How to become President” and “How to govern”. But as long as he behaves in accordance with the quotation. Only to wife and wealth, now added power.

The President likely didn’t even try to assume the consequences of the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey. And the motive, it seems, was not the investigation of the relationships of the team trump with Russia. Simply the presidency is the continuation of the reality show in which fire was his favorite story progress and signature phrase. He is eager to rule, to command, to order. He did not understand why the President of the United States are allowed less than the President of the company.

He had the right to dismiss the Director and got fired. What are the issues? But Americans are accustomed to the fact that the President explains his decision. And when the President gives two contradictory explanations, looking for the third. This is what is happening now in Congress and in the office of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

A Washington bureaucracy that does not like Donald trump, has his own ethics. Official feel terrible, when the President talks to him one-on-one, and conversation is awkward. Washington has learned that the President talks with the head of Department in the presence of his immediate superior and his adviser. At the very least. In this case, chief James Comey justice Minister Jeff Sachs and senior Advisor to the President Jared Kushner tried to stay in office, but President trump asked them to leave. The officer, who had the dubious pleasure of a conversation with the President alone, immediately, have not yet forgotten the details, record the conversation. Insurance. Especially if to present the records of their deputies.

If you remove all reservations and omissions (“I may not quite understand, President,” “I made it clear to the President look”), the essence of the event is amazingly simple: the President of the Komi Republic said that it would be good to stop investigating Russian relations former national security Advisor Michael Flynn, because he’s a “nice guy” and “did nothing wrong”, and Komi did not answer neither “Yes” nor “no” with regard to all the circumstances means failure. For this refusal, as he is convinced Komi Republic, he was removed from his post.

When James Comey learned that he, unlike Flynn, did a lot of bad – first collapse the case of Hillary Clinton (it’s the official reason), and then destroyed all the FBI (this is the explanation of the President), he gave his notes the New York Times. In his testimony to the Senate, he confirmed the authenticity of the leak and said that “leaked” it to the press exactly what it is.

The President responded by calling him the culprit of the leak and a liar, and the lawyer of the President mark Kasowitz threatened Komi liability for disclosure of confidential information. The President once again fell into the trap of their own paradoxical logic: if Komi is lying, it does not leak, and if leaking, the Komi Republic is telling the truth.

In the circumstances, an important role could be played by the testimony of Jeff Sessa, who appeared before the Senate Committee on intelligence on Tuesday. The Minister of justice recused himself in the case of the Russian intervention in the American electoral process, what angered the President so much that, according to rumors, offered him his resignation, but the President had not accepted it. Nevertheless, he sent the President the opinion of the Ministry that James Komi Republic can not continue to take the post of Director of the FBI. However Sachs chose, in essence, the tactics of obstruction of a Senate investigation. All the questions about his consultation with the President, he said he could not disclose this information. He refused even to answer the question of whether there has been such consultation. The legal basis for this refusal is not quite clear: Sachs referred to the “practice” of Ministry, but no special law such information is not protected. Nothing new lawmakers Sansa didn’t recognize.

In what direction will develop the investigation are not yet known. The President struggled pretends that it is a little disturbing. Meanwhile in Washington circulates the persistent rumor that he is considering the dismissal of the special Prosecutor Mueller. In addition, under the sword of Damocles is the chief of his staff rins, Pribas. He sees treason everywhere.

This is a highly unusual situation. According to the same Washington ethics advisors to the President should go to the bones, to protect the chief, if need be, to go to jail for him. So it was with Watergate, with the case of “Iran-contra”. Then after release (period, typically small) you get the reward – if not a return to the civil service, it is profitable and easy business. This is a tacit Convention. But Donald trump is a violator of the Convention. He’s not human systems, and his staff understands that their sacrifice will not be compensated by anything.

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