Italy threatened a collapse of the European Union and closing the borders because of the influx of migrants

The European Union has turned into an archipelago consisting of many Islands

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The Minister of foreign Affairs of Italy, Enzo Moavero-Milanesi Sunday, June 24, stated that the lack of a single coherent position on the issue of the influx of migrants from member States of the European Union can lead to a split of the European organization, and to the closure of borders, reports Il Messaggero.

Enzo Moavero-Milanesi.

“What happens depends on the lack of effective management at the level of the European Union epochal migration phenomenon, which has increased in recent years. Europe, not Italy, is the destination of all these people who are fleeing wars, authoritarian regimes or are looking for the future”, – said the foreign Minister of Italy.

According to the head of Italian diplomacy, the EU has turned into an archipelago consisting of many Islands, which decreased the ability to find compromise solutions and “real” interact in a flawless manner.

“And there is a high risk of a split. The current controversy, the complexity to come to a decision to work together currently produce a corrosive effect, much stronger than the financial crisis of the European Union 2012”, — said the head of the Italian foreign Ministry.

The head of the foreign Ministry of Italy added that in fact, many European countries have closed their borders, which negatively affects the overall market, as well as those working, studying and traveling.

Earlier differences in solution of migration problems caused the crisis in the Cabinet of Ministers of Germany.

On June 24 in the Belgian capital Brussels will host an informal meeting of Europe for migration.