It is impossible to go for a boycott

It is impossible to go for a boycott

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The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee at its session disqualified Russian Olympic Committee has suspended Russia from the Olympics in 2018, and now Russian athletes will be able to speak at the Games in 2018 only under a neutral flag and no anthem.

Meeting of the IOC Executive Board

Naturally, this decision caused a storm of indignation in Russia itself. Thousands of patriots, among whom were many former well-known athletes, said that this decision humiliates Russia and therefore the country should boycott the Olympics in Pyeongchang. Their opinion supported most immediately of Russians. The bulk of the same actors athletes said that they are ready to go to the Games without a flag and anthem, and anything terrible in it do not see – after all, so everyone will know who is who.

In General, the situation is reminiscent of the famous riddle with a comma, “execute not pardon”. Only in a modern way.

And it all began…

It all began in November 2014 when the film came out, a German journalist, Hyo Seppelt (channel ARD) on doping in Russian athletics. Grain of the film fell on fertile soil – so many don’t like the model of Russia held the Olympics in Sochi, and even won the unofficial team-medal standings. And then, after a month, all of a sudden annexed Crimea.

The IOC, WADA (world anti-doping Agency) and the IAAF (international athletics Federation) is interested in the film Seppelt. And sports officials of Russia have not reacted to this film and the investigation that the special Commission of the IOC spent an entire year.

Rodchenkov: “I’ll show you all”…

In November 2015 a presentation was made by Commission Richard pound, who accused the Ministry of sports of Russia in covering up doping tests athletes. Based on the investigation results of the Russian athletes are banned from participating in any international competitions under the national flag (the ban wasn’t removed until now). Then WADA accused the Director of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory of Gregory Rodchenkov in the destruction of almost 1,500 samples and demanded that he resigned.

Russian sports officials have again said nothing, but listened to the leaders of WADA, and Rodchenkov, had received the order for the Sochi Games, was fired. In this decision he was seriously offended, and the story rolled like someone from the mountain.

In may 2016 Rodchenkov, “surfaced” in the United States, said in an interview with The New York Times on doping programme before the Games-2014 in Sochi during the Olympics. From this moment the Russian sport began and winter problems. But Russian sports officials remained silent.

Immediately after the interview Rodchenkova WADA said that all his statements check canadian lawyer Richard McLaren. That in a short time came to the conclusion about the existence of a doping system, which involves state structures, and in the end his report, published in July, closed the 2016 Olympics for Russian athletes, weightlifters and rowers. And the Russian sports authorities remained silent. Moreover, it is not even defended athletes who could protect and allow for the Olympics in Rio.

Part two…

In December 2016 McLaren releases second part of its report. And this becomes the main document on which to judge Russia. It is based on the papers and documents from Russia took all that Rodchenkov. There we are talking about the manipulation of the samples before and during the Olympics in Sochi: the cocktail “deuces”, which allegedly immediately improved the results of the Olympians, a strange salt content in the samples and, finally, the substitution of the vials, which were doping samples (they testified the scratches on the covers). In all this, Rodchenkova-McClaren, was attended by large Russian officials from different ministries and agencies, including the FSB, under the guise of plumbers came to the anti-doping laboratory and through the hole in the wall of the substituted samples.

The entire sports world gasped – it was like a detective with the participation of James bond, and Russia have already started to look seriously accusingly even those who more recently supported it. The problem was the same: the second part of the report was yet closed, and here the Russian sports authorities instead of to require to make this secret report public immediately and to instruct the athletes who are mentioned in it, to submit to international courts millions in lawsuits, did not speak again. And in the report of the athletes was not it a hundred. And WADA, which does not have such quantity of money for such a number of ships, it would be necessary or to prove their accusations in open court (that is to reveal all that the Agency carefully concealed), or to make a deal with the Russian sports. All locked – all free.

But the Russian sports authorities did not speak again.

While the Russians remained silent and with a laugh watching the movements of the officials of WADA and the IOC, those time is not lost – report McLaren almost a year rechecked two of the IOC: the team of Denis Oswald re-studied all samples of Russian athletes in Sochi 2014, and the team is Samuel Schmid – the involvement of the state to the doping system.

Bahnul whether Bach?

As a result, both commissions were unanimous – more than two dozen Russian athletes barred for life from the Games in any capacity, Russia has taken 11 of the Sochi medals and the team lost first place in the unofficial team standings. Plus Schmid announced the availability of evidence of the existence of the doping system.

IOC President Thomas Bach was himself an Olympic champion and therefore perfectly understood what athletes mean Game. He could have saved the Russian sport before the Olympics in Rio 2016, and this time also did everything possible.

Yes, Russia is not going for the Games in 2018 with their flag and anthem. Athletes will be able to perform under neutral (Olympic) flag in all the ceremonies playing only the Olympic anthem. The most interesting thing will sound like the name of this command – “Olympic athletes of Russia” (“Olympic Athlete from Russia”). There’s still a lot of conditions, but the main thing, after which you can breath, athletes will be able to go to the Games in Pyeongchang.

Wow, GDP…

Now the fate of the Russian athletes were supposed to solve the other person. To the great delight of smart people, he decided it correctly. Speaking to the workers of the Gorky automobile plant, President Vladimir Putin said: “We are, without a doubt, we will not declare no blockade, we will not let our athletes participate in the Games. Many athletes have been going to this competition throughout its life, so the government will not prohibit anyone anything, anyone anything to block, to create the conditions under which a trip to the Olympics will be impossible.”

F-u-u-u, at least one good news..

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