Is it possible to determine how high IQ trump

Question: how often does the President of the United States Donald trump is talking about intellectual development? The answer is: constantly.

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Before trump has offered to the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson to try him on the coefficients of mental development (IQ). He commented on the rumors that Tillerson has allegedly called him a fool.

In 2013, trump tweeted that his intellectual level is much higher than Barack Obama and George Bush.

The trump has never published their IQ. Can we define it?

What is an IQ?

Intelligence quotient is determined by the results of tests on intelligence.

Varieties of such tests are many, and their results go to the company Mensa, the oldest and most well-known organization for people with high IQs.

As explained by a senior psychologist of the U.S. division of Mensa Frank Lewis, the tests usually check the spatial, computational and verbal skills of the person .

The first category of questions for the forms and measurements, the second covers mathematical questions, and the third tasks associated with the words.

Mensa accepts into their membership those whose IQ is 130 (about 2% of the total number tested).

Test questions Mensa

  • What four digit number where the first digit is 1/5 of the last and the second and third numbers are the result of multiplying the last digit by 3 (hint: the sum of all digits is equal to 12).
  • Jane went to see Jill. Jill is the only daughter only daughter only husband’s mother-in-law’s only husband Jane. Who Jill was Jane’s?
  • Which of these words is most different from the others (the difference has nothing to do with vowels, consonants or syllables)? MORE, PAIRS, ETCHERS, ZIPPER.
  • Name the number that is one greater than 1/10 of 1/5 ½ of 4000.
  • In a high-speed race Jerry was not the first but not the last one. Janet defeated Jerry was ahead of Pat. Charlie was neither the first nor the last. Charlie won Rachel. Pat won Charlie. Who came last?
  • The answers to the questions at the end of the article

    Who was the smartest US President?

    The head of the presidential studies at the University of Virginia Barbara Perry admits that he can’t remember a list of presidents of countries in terms of their IQ, but some of the head of state appears on the list of student organizations Greek letters ΦΒΚ (Phi Beta Kappa).

    The organization was founded on 5 December 1776 and highlights “the best and brightest graduates of 286 higher education institutions of the country.”

    17 of the 44 U.S. presidents were FMC, among them bill Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush and Jimmy Carter.

    Barbara Perry also highlights the intellectual level of Herbert Hoover, Woodrow Wilson and William Taft. In addition, in 2006 the University of California called the President John Quincy Adams “the most intelligent of all the presidents of the United States.”

    However, some of the head of state, according to Perry, have an undeservedly low reputation in terms of intellectual level. In particular, Gerald Ford, who has established an image of “klutz”.

    “He was a student at the University of Michigan and belonged to the highest rank of the boy scouts, he attended Yale law school and, in addition, was a successful football player,” says Perry.

    However, she notes that high intelligence is only part of the qualities necessary to become a good President.

    “Supreme court justice Oliver Wendell once described by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, “the intellectual of the second class with a first-class temperament,” says Perry.

    At what point in terms of IQ located would trump?

    “If he ever will release your IQ (since he urged Tillerson), it seems to me that the level will be higher than many believe,” — said Barbara Perry.

    “People who don’t like it, saying: “He’s such an idiot, he’s so stupid.” But I assure you that he (IQ trump. — Approx. ed.) than we can guess,” she adds.

    Princeton Professor Fred Greenstein identifies six qualities that determine the behavior of the President: communication skills, organizational skills, political skills, vision, cognitive style, and emotional intelligence.

    “Trump a bad showing in the field of emotional intelligence, cognitive style, insight and organizational skills. But he could become President, showing himself in communication and showing political skills,” said Barbara Perry.

    According to her, the key to success of steel as the trump’s success in business and his degree at the University of Pennsylvania.

    However, as noted by Frank Lewis, the level of intelligence trump so not so much.

    “If we take for example a universally recognized genius, e.g., Einstein, he probably would not pass the IQ test because he thinks outside the box. He could think of a dozen answers to one question,” he explains.

    In any case, very soon the mystery around IQ Donald trump can be resolved, as Mensa has already suggested that he and Rex Tillerson pass their tests.

    The correct answers to the test Mensa:

  • 1155
  • Jill is the daughter of Jane (the mother’s husband is Jane’s father and Jane, his daughter is Jane, and Jill is her daughter).
  • The word ZIPPER (in other words, if you rearrange the letters, will become the names of cities: ROME (Rome), PARIS (Paris), and CHESTER (Chester).
  • 41
  • Rachel
  • Owen Amos

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