Iran has refused to revise nuclear deal with U.S.

The US President has repeatedly stated that the deal is bad and should be reconsidered

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Iran again refused the demands of US President Donald trump to amend the agreement on the nuclear program of Tehran.

“This agreement is an internationally recognized and completed by the Covenant and cannot be the subject of new discussions,” – said the foreign Ministry of Iran.

Tehran stressed it will not agree to the amendment and will not take on new obligations that go beyond the contract.

The nuclear deal was concluded in 2015 in Vienna. Her main points: removal of the greater part of Iran’s enriched uranium abroad, none of the country’s nuclear facilities is not subject to dismantling, conversion of the Fordow plant in the research center without capacity for uranium enrichment, the IAEA access to all nuclear facilities for 20 years.

In exchange, it was resolved , step by step to remove sanctions against Iran.

Since his election, trump has repeatedly stated that the deal is bad and should be reconsidered.

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