Index revolving doors: a change of guard in the state Department

Index revolving doors: a change of guard in the state Department

In the role of a fire extinguisher

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Well, who can argue – Donald trump beats all records: it changes their own appointees with kaleidoscopic rapidity. Easier to countdown – can be counted on the fingers of one who remained at home positions in the White house with the inauguration of the President.

It concerns and Ministerial posts, where the index is a revolving door, as scientifically referred to as the personnel reshuffle, the highest since I settled in America four decades ago. Here is the seat of Secretary of state staggered, and this post is one of the first in the Washington hierarchy.

Russian paradox of Tyrannosaurus Rex

Of course, time on time is not necessary – I on the main diplomat of the United States. The majority remained in the shadow of the President, but there were also outstanding – the same Kissinger, for example. I’m afraid we haven’t the will to know what a diplomat would be Rex Tillerson. In my memory he is the one who entered into an unequal confrontation with the President. Seems to be good, that man for everything your own opinion on the middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, North Korea and even Russia, which Tillerson is much tougher than trump and his belogolovsky army, despite the order of Friendship he had received when he was Chairman of the Board of Directors of ExxonMobil. Gift whether for a temper he was nicknamed “the Texas T-Rex” – Tyrannosaurus Rex from Texas. Is it too inflexible for a diplomat?

It’s Russian paradox. Long-standing ties with Russia and personally with a GDP nearly prevented approval Tillerson Secretary of state, but now, on the contrary, hawkish approach to Putin’s Russia headed by the state Department could cost him this post. Or he is trying to absolve themselves of suspicion in the Russian ties, as suggested by some? I do not know. Moreover, it is one of and likely not the main reason that Rex Tillerson fell into a presidential disgrace.

And the reasons for its likely political fall is not only objective, but also subjective, and no one knows which of them is more important. There are persistent rumors, for example, that are susceptible to strong language Rex Tillerson saglasno called your boss a moron, that is the idiot (translated euphemism), and trump’s reaction was swift on Twitter, inviting his Secretary to try to – no, not what the reader might think! – intellectual factors, in common parlance – IQ. Don’t know who would win in this competition, but it is obvious that such correspondence exchanged pleasantries hardly contributed to their personal and business relationships.

Neutered Secretary of state

Another subjective or objective, no matter the reason for their confrontation that the center of diplomatic activity has shifted from the state Department to the White house, where tacit superdelegates is a senior Advisor to the President Jared Kushner, who not only travels around the world with the instructions of his father, but also forms the international policy of the United States in such key areas as the middle East and China. It was his Shuttle diplomacy led to a rapprochement between America and China and the creation of a very promising axis Washington – Jerusalem – Riyadh. With regards to Russia, then the Kouchner – as in trump’s hands are tied due to anti-Russian hysteria in Washington (how reasonable is another question) – both under suspicion and Kouchner, whose ancestors, for all else, the Soviet (Belarus) origin carry on the interrogation (“interview”) to the Commission of the Congress and to spectacular Mueller.

Rex and Jared could work in parallel, despite the differences in views, but it turns out the exact opposite. Moreover, trump’s son-in-law has usurped some of the powers of the Secretary of state, but Tillerson is not always in the course of diplomatic initiatives and voyages Kouchner. The precedent for this disregard of the state Department, there is Shuttle diplomacy Nixon’s assistant for national security Henry Kissinger was in secret from then-Secretary Rogers, but that still managed to hold on to this position for several years, while Kissinger was not changed, retaining and belogolovskii post – that was unprecedented! This time apparently, Tillerson no. It may be the short-term Secretary of state almost in American history.

The last straw of patience Tillerson was not, however, Kushner and his wife Ivanka trump, who headed the U.S. delegation at the world summit of entrepreneurs in India. And, of course, do not fight Tillerson with nepotism and cronyism in the White house, but the fact that this summit is quite representative visited him in the past, such high-ranking officials like President Obama and Secretary of state John Kelly, and this time the Secretary was once again bypassed. According to its staff, politically neutered.

To the right of the Pope

Looks like his song is sung, and a matter of time before the New year or early next inglorious end the diplomatic career of Rex Tillerson. Much more interesting that his successors tipped 53-year-old Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo.

Passed military service – served as a trooper, patrolling the iron curtain before the fall of the Berlin wall. A lawyer with a Harvard law degree. As head of the CIA, aware of all (well, almost all) the world of mysteries and secrets. Trump was so impressed with his briefings on the national security Council that was charging him international missions including negotiations with the Turkish and Saudi leaders. So some diplomatic experience he has. To the former captain Michael Pompeo favors the former General John Kelly, the all-powerful head blogovskogo apparatus.

Not the last thing.

Michael Pompeo conservative to the bone in all matters – not only international. To the right of the Pope, if such is considered the Donald trump. Fair or not, Michael Pompeo reproach of excessive politicization of the spy Agency, which he heads. However, as Secretary of state if/when he takes this trend can be very useful. One thing is certain – he will be assuming the post of chief diplomat of the America in a very dangerous, unpredictable, flammable.

If it fits the role of a fire extinguisher?

Tillerson is concerned about Kouchner’s talks with the Saudi Prince

One of the sources said that U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson is concerned that the son of a U.S. President Jared Kushner hides from him some information about his talks with crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman.

According to some data, these negotiations can be discussed on the establishment of a Palestinian state and the financial support of this process from a number of countries, including Saudi Arabia, worth billions of dollars, reports Bloomberg.

Under this Kushner does not consult with any state Department or national security Council of the United States.

“This is a problem for the Council and the state Department, we can’t easily solve it,” said the official.

The state Department also believe that Riyadh could use these negotiations to restore its influence in Washington, which weakened in the age of Obama.

Tillerson is concerned that even Donald trump is completely dedicated to this plan.

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