Photo: The Sun On the surgery, she has spent more than 32.5 thousand dollars

The unfortunate American had surgery on her foot big gaping hole. The woman had to go to another doctor.

A resident of North Carolina, Marie Ellen because of a botched operation left a hole in my leg. The woman has been doing ultrasonic liposuction, writes The Sun.

42-year-old Ellen agreed liposuction on the lower leg, as it was the only way to treat lipedema, which under her skin on the foot formed fat deposits.

The doctor to whom American came to the consultation, stated that he has 20 years of experience. It was concerned that the doctor was not able to show her photographs of the results of such medical interventions. However, she decided “to go under the knife”.

After some time after the surgery, the woman began to feel in the lower leg sharp pain. It turned out, Ellen got third-degree burns. The skin on Shin began to wither and blacken.

The woman made an appointment with my doctor, who was able to take only a week. On examination, it was found that the skin had begun to flake off.

The surgeon removed the dead skin. At the foot of the patient left a huge hole and could see the muscle.

The woman continued to torment severe pain, and she went to another medical facility. Doctors at the foot the skin graft from another area of the body.

Now Ellen can hardly move. Operations and doctors, she has spent more than 32.5 thousand dollars.

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