An outbreak of coronavirus in China may in the future become the reason of growth of prices for solar panels because manufacturers are experiencing a shortage of raw materials due to idle production plants.

It is reported by PV Magazine. Production volumes will also impact extended new year holiday, which authorities have imposed to combat the epidemic, as well as the requirement to work from the infected areas is a two-week quarantine.

The production of solar panels

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According to the publication, China workers from the foci of infection were quarantined for two weeks. The authorities have taken this necessary step to save as many people as possible from disease.

Because of the quarantine, the volume of production in all industries in the affected regions fell significantly. In addition, in many provinces, were severely disrupted transport links that will further affect the volume and speed of production.

Major Chinese producers of solar energy, said that the factories still running in minimal mode, and return to a normal pace in the near future is not expected. Chinese photovoltaic industry Association has urged the government to delay the completion of major projects in the field of solar energy for 2-5 months.

Experts believe that because of the epidemic problems with the trade will continue until mid-year. If the virus will get to understand by the end of June, the restoration of the former rate can only begin in the third quarter.

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