In the Volyn region in the woods found the weapons and ammunition

The cache contained ammunition and grenades

Seized weapons. Photo: Netpolice

Seized weapons. Photo: Netpolice

Seized weapons. Photo: Netpolice

In the forest, near the village Kusnyscha Liuboml district, police officers together with employees of the SBU and border guards found a cache of weapons and ammunition.

“From a hiding place have withdrawn a cumulative hand grenade “RKG-3”, two corps offensive fragmentation hand grenades, “RGD-5”, two standardized fuse remote actions such as “uzrgm”, frag grenade “VOG-25 and VOG-25P”, – said the head of explosive Department of GUNP in Volyn region Igor Zabolotny.

The cache also found more than 800 rounds of ammunition of various calibers. On the fact of illegal handling of weapons and ammunition criminal proceedings are opened.

Recall recently in Lviv in the basement of a multistory residential building, the police found weapons and ammunition of the modern sample – a grenade “RGD-5”, the fuse to the grenade, grenade, cartridge, 7.62 mm and 300 grams of powder. The basement belongs to 24-year-old local resident.

Earlier it was reported that during a search in the house 39-the summer inhabitant of the Kamyanets-Podilskyi district, found an Arsenal of firearms, ammunition and explosives.

In the city of Kovel in 49-the summer local resident, the police seized more than 5,000 munitions, 27 kg of explosives and firearms. Arsenal man kept in one of the garage areas of the city.

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