Photo: a frame from the video, the Governor has shown the greeting in the hospital

Traditional shaking hands in the United States put off until better times. One of the governors offers to shake hands with the elbows.

A new way of greeting instead of shaking hands at the meeting suggested the U.S. Governor of Nebraska Pete Ricketts. The politician insists on welcoming each other with elbows on the epidemic coronavirus infection, writes CNN.

This way he demonstrated at the meeting with the residents of the state who were leaving the hospital after quarantine

“I have the honour to welcome the guests leaving the quarantine Department. The providers at world level in Nebraska continue to increase efforts to help protect Americans and keep the health of the people,” said Pete Ricketts.

Rather than shaking hands, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts is encouraging people to bump elbows to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The governor demonstrated it in a video of himself greeting people leaving quarantine at a facility in Omaha.

— CNN (@CNN) March 4, 2020

Earlier it was reported that Angela Merkel refused to shake hands because of the coronavirus.

We also wrote that Queen Elizabeth II presented the awards in the gloves.

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