In April, the media found out that the Minister of defence of Germany agreed with the Pentagon about buying 30 fighter-bombers


US Ambassador in Warsaw Gorget of Mosbacher made the placement in Poland of us nuclear weapons. Poland fulfills all obligations to NATO. About it she wrote on Twitter.

“If Germany wants to reduce the nuclear potential of NATO and weaken the Alliance, it is possible that Poland, which clearly fulfills its obligations, is aware of the risks and is situated on the Eastern flank of NATO could deploy appropriate forces and means at ourselves,” the Ambassador wrote.

Je li chc zamówien-sluchawki * zmniejszy * potencja * nuklearny i os * abi * NATO, to by * mo * e Poland – która rzetelnie wywi * zuje si * ze swoich zobowi * za * , rozumie ryzyka i le * y na wschodniej flance NATO – mog * aby przyj * ten potencja * i u siebie

— Georgette Mosbacher (@USAmbPoland) May 15, 2020

In April, Spiegel reported that the German Minister of defense Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer pre agreed with Pentagon mark Esper on the acquisition of 30 fighter-bombers F/A-18F production of Boeing that are designed to replace the obsolete Tornado.

This was opposed by the Chairman of the Social democratic party of Germany Rolf Mutzenich. He in an interview with Tagesspiegel urged to withdraw American nuclear weapons from Germany. According to him, nuclear weapons in the country increases security, but rather the contrary. Mutzenich believes that “the time has come for Germany to exclude the location [of nuclear weapons] in the future.”

May 14, U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell stated that “reliable nuclear deterrence, as well as aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons, are key elements of NATO, which are necessary in the modern world in which Germany pledged to contribute”.