In the referendum the Venezuelan opposition was attended by over 7 million people

Almost 7.2 million Venezuelans voted in a national plebiscite on the matter of the constitutional reform Maduro. The Venezuelan President believes organized opposition to the ballot as illegal.

Photo: Reuters

In the national referendum, the Venezuelan opposition, was attended by nearly 7.2 million people. About it on Monday morning, July 17, said the organizers of the plebiscite.

The opposition made to the vote the question of constitutional reform planned by President Nicolas Maduro. Opponents of the current authorities fear that amendments to the basic law of Venezuela will lead to a further weakening of the role of Parliament and the extension of the powers of the President. Maduro himself considers the referendum held by the opposition, illegal.

In the country voted by 6.5 million people abroad — almost 700 thousand Venezuelans. The total population of Venezuela is about 31 million people .

One person killed

The counting of votes is not yet over, the outcome is not reported. Sociological research, conducted earlier, showed that Maduro proposed reform is supported by only about 20 percent of Venezuelans.

During the vote, a group of armed supporters of the current authorities on motorbikes attacked a polling station located in the building of the Church in the West of Caracas. In the attack one 61-year-old woman was killed, another three people were injured.

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