In the Indian hospital where he died 60 children

Among the victims were newborns, and patients with encephalitis

In the Indian hospital, dozens of children died. Photo: otravleniya.ru

At least 60 children have died in a hospital in the North of India. As the Correspondent, it is stated that the reserves of air in the ventilators were not replenished for non-payment of bills. The state government of Uttar Pradesh admitted that the air supply to the apparatus is interrupted, however, said the cause of death was other.

Most of the victims were newborns or patients with encephalitis. All these deaths happened within five days in the hospital a Woman Raghav Das in the district of Gorakhpur. Thirty of them occurred in the period between Thursday and Friday, said the hospital. Local media reported that the hospital began to panic, relatives of the children helped staff to maintain artificial respiration manually.

The representative of the municipality Anil Kumar acknowledged that the supplier was a “billing issue”, but said the death could be due to “natural” reasons, as many of the patients were in serious condition.

The Minister of health of the state of Siddhartha Nath Singh also denied that the mass death caused a lack of oxygen. At the hospital, recorded 19 to 22 deaths every day for the last three years, he said. He did not specify, whether only children or all of them.
In a statement the hospital said that “the pressure of oxygen was low,” which required the backup cylinders. There does not specify whether this was the cause of someone’s death and why so many children died just a couple of days.

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