Paralamas now lives in Kiev


In the annexed Crimea has opened two criminal cases against the Crimean Tatar Renat Perelomova, which in September last year, was taken from home to unknown destination and tortured by unknown people in masks and without insignia. About this informed the lawyer of the family Perelomova Emil Kurbedinov, writes “Crimea.Realities”.

“Just yesterday I learned that the military Prosecutor’s office refused to initiate criminal proceedings against the FSB officers, who were conducting a search of the Renata Perelomova, and then took him away a bag over his head and tortured. However, at the same time against Renata opened two criminal cases under articles about illegal trafficking in explosives, ammunition,” – said Kurbedinov.

He noted that the Crimean lawyers gather all the necessary documents to transfer the case Perelomova and other kidnapped Crimean international bodies, including the UN special Rapporteur on torture.

“Recently we talked with the UN special Rapporteur on the torture suffered in the Crimea detained and those who are taken away from the house after a search in an unknown direction. He spoke in detail about the case Renata Perelomova and Reshat ametova. In the near future we will provide special treatment to the special Rapporteur so that he could claim the Russian Federation”, – said the lawyer Lily Gemedzhi.

13 September 2017 Perelomova taken away in an unknown direction after a search in his house. It was discovered on September 14 at the bus station of Simferopol with bruises. He said that he was mocked by people in the form of the FSB.

A few days after the beating, he went to Kherson, then – in Kiev. According to Perelomova, adminpraise with the occupied Crimea it has not stopped.

A businessman from Nizhnegorsk Paralamas told me that 2014 was the administrator of several religious groups in social networks.