23 October in the cinema “Oscar” (Gulliver) held a large galapaguera “the Addams Family”.

The first animation looked Lyudmila Barbir, Katya Osadchaya, Yuri Gorbunov, Irina Kostyuk, Alain Kiperman, Alyona Lavrenyuk, Pauline nenya, Irina Kudashov, Anna Trincher Jerry Heil, Uncle Zhora with his family, Constantine, Zlata Mitchell, Alex Darling, Sergey Lyashchenko, Irina Zarya, Michael Kuchuk, Gennady Popenko, Alexandra Novikova, Ekaterina Kisten and many other guests.

About the film

At first glance, they are cranks. But this is quite natural – mom to wear only black, and the children day by day play in the cemetery. The usual for this family, the rhythm of life violates the interference of some Margo Nidler. This local TV host of a reality show. She aspires to build an ideal universe in which the Adams have no place.

“The Addams family”
– new episode from the life of the family, which lives in the atmosphere of perpetual Halloween. For the first time these characters appeared in the newspaper The New Yorker in 1938. Specific family was invented by Charles Addams gave her his name. Comic episodes from the lives of the characters have been regularly published on the pages until the author’s death in 1988. The characters repeatedly appeared on the screens. This project is their 19th appearance. This time to direct the project came from Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon. In the original voice in English language the family members speak for the voice of Charlize Theron, Chloe grace Moretz, Oscar Isaac and others.

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