In Poland, opened the register with the data of pedophiles

The Ministry of justice of Poland released data 768 sex offenders

Photo: ms.gov.pl

In Poland since January 1 officially opened the registry with the data of pedophiles. This was announced by the Ministry of justice of Poland.

“The right to the protection of our children above the anonymity of criminals. The state is responsible for protecting the child, not a pedophile. A criminal who hurts children should face severe consequences. Not only a long sentence, but the loss of anonymity”, – said the Minister, Zbigniew Ziobro.

According to him, “the offender must be under constant review, to let everyone know that he is their neighbor.” Appropriate changes made to the criminal code of the country. Ziobro recalled that a similar registry in the United States.

Just published the name, photograph and residential address 768 pedophiles whose victims were children up to 15 years.

In addition to the open part of the registry is closed, in which posted information about 2614 persons who have committed sexual crimes against minors aged 15 to 18 years. Also this list includes distributors of child pornography. The courts refused to place information about them in the public domain. A closed registry will be able to use the police, judges, prosecutors, and also heads of schools and summer camps for children.

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  1. HatePeople says:

    Wow. I would think that given Poland’s history she would be the last country to have a public Registry.

    Registries do sound like a good idea but in reality they are much worse than merely worthless and negligibly beneficial. They are truly idiotic social policy. They have been a complete disaster in the U.S.

    But we all see that we truly should hate all people. People are awful, in truth. Let’s get this hate really going.

  2. R M says:

    Dear Minister Zbigniew Ziobro, ALL people have committed sins. ALL people are HUMANS. Do not degrade your country as the U.S. has with outrageous and meaningless registries. They don\’t work in the U.S. or any country. At the very MOST, have a registry ONLY accessible to law enforcement as any public registry will be a waste of your tax payers money and will only create FEAR in the minds of your citizens who will become vigilantes against the registrants, hurting their families who did nothing. Again, I remind you, PEOPLE, ALL PEOPLE ARE HUMAN and deserve to be treated as such.

  3. […] the registry with the data of pedophiles. This was announced by the Ministry of justice of Poland. Full Article – Online […]

  4. Khan Kamelot says:

    How lovely of you to misuse the term “pedophile”. Anyone above the age of puberty (usually age 13) does not make the older person a pedophile.
    I guess Elvis Presley should be considered a “pedophile” since he was 24 and Priscilla was only 14, but the world of Elvis fans are ok with that.

  5. Tom says:

    You first need to get your facts straight, “Pedophile” is a medical term and has nothing to do with “Sex Offenders” And…. there are many, many levels of sex offenders including 18 year old males arrested for having sex with minor girls. YES, sounds silly but true, so please get all your facts and terminology straight before changing someone’s life forever.

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