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Running experimental factory.

In Poland developed a new technology of production of asphalt using plastic waste, which otherwise would’ve ended up in a landfill. Thanks to this additive, the coating will be 30% more durable, and less likely to need to change, writes

The creators of the project LIFE EMU authors NEW — technology – offer a special approach to mincing and blending plastic with bitumen mass, which is typically used for road paving. Processes take place at a certain temperature, which is kept inside the plastic cover, not washed out and does not penetrate into the soil in the form of micro-plastic that can be hazardous to living organisms.

Recently launched an experimental factory for the production of the new coating will process 1.1 thousand tons of plastic waste per year, which will allow it to save 50 thousand tons of oil.

Now in Poland is processed only 25% of plastic waste, while more than half is sent to landfill, and a small part is burned for energy.

The EU has a strategy to protect the environment from plastic, according to which by 2030, more than half of all plastic waste in Europe is recycled.

The EMU NEW LIFE project is realized with the support of the EU programme for the protection of the environment LIFE.