illustrative Photo: Alexander Ruzhechka

The developers promise tens of thousands of items with current price changes.

Belarusians are finalizing service InfoPrice comparison of the cost of goods between shops of different networks: the promise of tens of thousands of items with current price changes, reports Onliner.

Besides food, there will be prices for the whole range of networks: developers will add their own, but the trade network if you want to help them. At the same time can be adapted InfoPrice by yourself, if near the house there are only a few stores, you can choose compare prices only between these networks. For each product will indicate the place and date of fixing the price.

If using a menu to collect the food basket InfoPrice will do the comparison and show where what product to purchase. The developers will be every day under the guise of mystery shoppers to update prices: simply scan the product barcode and just enter the actual value.

Start InfoPrice is planned in February, but at first will be available only in the web version. In the future there will be a mobile app. In addition, the developers plan to add the scan of the item before purchase and immediate comparison with other networks: in this way the buyer will immediately see the benefit of buying the product at a specific store.

The service will be free. For the first time available will be only the shops of Minsk, and then will add regions.