In Malaysia the farm was born “goat-Cyclops”

Photo: a frame from the video, the Baby goat born one-eyed

One-eyed baby, according to the vet, perfectly healthy. The only problem is the anomaly with eye – he had only one.

In Malaysia the farm was born a one-eyed goat. Video of unusual animals was published by the newspaper The Sun.

The kid was born on the farm on 11 February. Her owner called cub Tue Gaban. As admitted by the owner of the animal, he came to see the whole village.

The man also showed the goat to the vet. The physician noted that despite the anomaly, the animal is absolutely great. However, you have to feed him through a tube as he has a very small mouth and the udder of his mother, he can not suck.

Earlier it was reported that the Network showed a lamb with five legs. The animal, not counting the anomaly that is healthy.

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