In Lviv in the window of a Russian Bank has launched a “Molotov cocktail”

Witnesses before the fire was noticed near the building of the Bank a man and a woman

On the fire place. Photo: Netpolice

On the fire place. Photo: Netpolice

On the fire place. Photo: Netpolice

On the fire place. Photo: Netpolice

In Lviv today, about six o’clock in the morning, on Gorodotska unknown persons set fire to “Sberbank of Russia”.

“According to preliminary information, unknown persons broke a window and threw in the premises of the financial institution, bottle with an unknown substance, causing the fires occurred. No one was hurt, the amount of damage is established”, – is reported by the Lviv police.

On this fact openly criminal proceedings (intentional destruction or damage of property). Convicted of arson faces up to three years of imprisonment.

Police establish the identity of the attackers, pre-judicial investigation.

At the same time, as reported Facebook.com the Deputy LGS Igor Zinkevich, according to witnesses, the arsonists were two people – a man and a woman in a red coat. The result has burned about 5 square meters of space and one job.

Recall recently in Lviv burned “Sberbank of Russia” in office on prospect Chornovola 2B. The fire originated on the first floor of the building the room the fire fire destroyed office equipment and furniture on an area of 25 square meters.

Earlier in Lviv unknown persons broke the window and the glass door in the building “Sberbank of Russia”, which on Gorodotska, 147. The incident occurred around four in the morning. In addition, on the facade of unidentified individuals left an inscription in red paint, “Get out.”

Also in Lviv burned invalid premises “Lviv tool plant” in the street, Zamarstynovskaya.



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