In Latvia noticed a Ukrainian supercar Himera Q

Photo: delfi.lv the Ukrainian supercar was in Latvia

This car costs about 700,000 euros.

The first Ukrainian supercar Himera Q noticed at the gas station in Latvia. About it reports the local edition of Delfi.

As noted, the car worth 700 thousand euros was on the trailer at a gas station in the village Kekava. One of the witnesses suggested that Lada Raven, however, most likely, it was still the Ukrainian Himera Q.

As the newspaper notes, Himera Q and Lada Raven is often confused as the development of their design takes one person — Dmitry Lazarev. In 2014 the designer has applied to the competition organized by the AVTOVAZ, sketches of a new supercar Lada Raven. However, he later withdrew the project because he was dissatisfied with the tender conditions in which to evaluate the work proposed are not professionals, and Internet users.


After that, the work of Lazarev interested Ukrainian businessmen. The designer gave them his sketches, but the agreement was not concluded. The first Ukrainian supercar is continued according to the manufacturer, the initial design has been substantially amended.

Prototype Himera Q was presented in Kyiv in June. The first production version, the developers promised to show in the fall. It is expected that the supercar will be available with a petrol engine from the Audi R8, 500 thousand euros, and in elektroversiya 700 thousand euros.


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