In Kosovo’s Deputy was sentenced to eight years for the shelling of the Parliament building from a grenade launcher

The MP pleaded not guilty in the attack on Parliament in August last year

Photo: Frashër Krasniqi / Facebook

A court in Kosovo on 17 November sentenced the MP from the opposition ultra-nationalist party “self-Determination” Fraser Krasniqi to eight years in prison for her participation in last year’s shelling of the Parliament building in the capital Pristina, told “Radio Liberty”.

Also from two to six years received three activists associated with the political force.

All the accused pleaded not guilty, claiming political persecution, said Balkaninsight.

August 4, 2016, two motorcycles, passing near the building of the Kosovo Parliament, shot him from anti-tank grenade launcher. No one was hurt, the building received minor damage.

According to law enforcement officers, the aim of the attack was the failure of the vote on the ratification of the Treaty on the border with Montenegro. Thanks to this agreement, Kosovo may get visa-free regime with the European Union. Ratification still has not taken place.

The party of “self-Determination” is against the initiative, arguing that it involves the transfer of Montenegro of the territory of Kosovo.

Ultra-nationalists hold in the Parliament of Kosovo 32 seats out of 120 and many times disrupted the meeting, using tear gas.

The Republic of Kosovo was formerly a part of Yugoslavia (later Serbia). In 1991, Pristina announced the establishment of an independent Republic in the country, clashes between supporters of the Department and government forces. In 1999 in Kosovo was introduced by the NATO contingent, and the country came under the control of the UN.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008 and has been recognized in more than 100 countries. Serbia and Russia (as its ally) do not recognize Kosovo’s independence and block the entry of the Republic in the UN.

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