Piece of equipment to date already purchased

Photo: pixabay.com

Surveillance cameras on the streets of Zaporozhye will appear in the framework of the project “Safe city”. The project envisages that by the end of the year will be purchased and installed dozens of security cameras. About it reports the Internet-the edition “Industriale”.


  • In Ukraine implement a face recognition system using video cameras

Today, there are already purchased part of the equipment — cameras, switching cabinets, etc. And also already completed the design of some objects. It is also reported that due to the savings instead of the planned 39 points for cameras will purchase and install 41 points and a total of about 200 cameras. The first camera will be placed in the Central part of the city, at the entrances to bridges and Dnieper, as well as near high-risk facilities such as gas distribution station.


  • In Kiev 4 thousands of cameras connected to a single video surveillance system

Also provides for an increase of funds for the implementation of the program “Safe city” in the amount of UAH 21.6 million. Its implementation involves the implementation of four stages. Namely, design work, creation of a system of accumulation and processing of data, installation of local computer systems, as well as carrying out installation and construction works. Most of the work will be completed in 2019.

Earlier, we reported that the order in Odessa will be watched by 600 video cameras with face recognition. They are placed on the roads and in places of a mass congestion of people. Law enforcement officers hope they will help you identify the culprits of accidents and to fight crime.