In Kiev will be taught to properly have sex

Everyone will talk about the features of physiology and psychology. But the fact is that the capital will open the Museum of sex

As correctly and when to have sex? In Kiev will be taught how to do, where and with what mood. The fact is that the capital will create a thematic Museum, which will tell you about sexual physiology and to learn the secrets of incredible pleasures of love. The ideologists of the Museum want to destroy the stereotype of “we have no sex”. The visitors will be told about the peculiarities of psychology and physiology.

The organizers of the Museum believe that sexual education should begin with the beautiful, so the highlight of the Museum is the image of a woman in the highest peak of pleasure. The picture is hanging right at the entrance.


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“Very sensual, and erotic without vulgarity, that they called the beauty inside,” says sexologist and co-author of idea of Dmitry Sviridov.

Enjoy erotic painting, to discuss experiences over a Cup of coffee. So the discussion was pleasant, the organizers have created themed cafe right in the Museum.

“It’s not perversion, it is not a shame and not bad, it’s part of our lives. The quality of life of couples would improve. More satisfied women satisfied men if the pair started to talk what they really want,” – said the co-author of the idea of Julian Tolkacheva.

To come up with a special technique. In the world, these museums are very popular. The most visited places in Amsterdam. There are three floors of erotic paintings and sculptures.In new York is dominated by virtual installations and pop art exhibitions. And here in Prague – the largest collection of sex toys and in the Museum’s cinema shows old erotic movies.

Ukraine will be different. Instead of rarities will create new artifacts that can realistically be applied in practice and will show them at the opening of the Museum in the spring.

We will remind, the researchers conducted a study to determine, is there a norm in the intimate life of a couple. In 2015, scientists conducted a study in order to find out what amount of sex can make a person happy. In the study, Sexual Frequency Predicts Greater Well-Being was attended by 30 thousand people.


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