The incident occurred on 1 August

Screenshot: Wtli Klitschko / Facebook

In Kiev, the man smashed the equipment of the automated system at the point of entry to Truhanov island. About it today on his page in Facebook said the capital mayor Vitaly Klitschko.

“Yesterday around midnight at the point of entry on Trukhanov island the man savagely smashed equipment automatic system. In particular, the boom and hydraulic station barrier, traffic light, two cameras, controller boellard and other technical means. Material damage due to damaged public property, according to preliminary estimates, nearly 300 thousand UAH”, – said Klitschko.

According to him, housing and communal services are working to restore the system. The malefactor is detained.

“I personally will make sure that this case went to trial,” – said the capital’s mayor.

He recalled that the system of restricted access on the Trukhanov island had been installed for a safe holiday Kiev.

“Today on the car at Trukhanov can call employees of the sports camps, located on the island, the athletes are training, and municipal services. If they break the speed limit, fixed surveillance cameras and cars deprived of the right of access to Truhanov island. For vehicles of Kiev, coming to rest, arranged the Parking. We are working to Kiev has become more beautiful, and life of its inhabitants more comfortable. But, unfortunately, there are people who are destroying what has been created by the community and for the citizens of the capital. These barbarians must know that you have to answer for such actions”, – said Klitschko.

Друзі! Знову випадок вандалізму в столиці. Вчора, близько півночі, на пункті в‘їзду на Труханів острів чоловік…

Posted by Віталій Кличко on Sunday, August 2, 2020