In Kharkov opened a modern and spacious sports complex

In addition to the sports ground this year in each district region will be football grounds with artificial turf

Instead, close the gym is a spacious modern complex. About seven hundred children from the village of Pisochyn near Kharkov can now train at the new venue. Prior to that, in a young football players, wrestlers and boxers were the only school gym.

In the new fitness center for these opportunities. Section of children from sports schools is free of charge. For adults equipped gym. There are classes in crossfit and Terex.

Pesochinsky sports complex was built just over a year. About 23 million UAH were allocated from the state budget and local budgets. Similar projects in the region for several.

“We have a comprehensive approach to the development of physical education and sports in the region as a whole. This is the third sports complex built within the last three years. And we will continue to build, continue to build two more in Zolochiv and Krasnograd area. And so for all districts of Kharkiv region. Realizing that children need to have playgrounds to play sports,” – said the Chairman of Kharkiv regional state administration Yulia Svetlichnaya.

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