In Kharkov a monument to soldiers of UPA painted in the colors of the Polish flag

In Kharkiv desecrated the monument to soldiers of the UPA

Photo: Ukrainian Harkiv / Facebook

Unknown painted monument to soldiers of the Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA) in Kharkov in the colors of the flag of Poland. On 14 February, reported the press service of the Main Directorate of national police in the Kharkiv region in Facebook.

The message about the incident was reported to the police at about 14.00 on 13 February.

“The unknown painted monument to the fallen soldiers of the UPA stripes of white and red colors”, – stated in the message.

The question of the legal qualification of the events.

Поліцейські встановлюють осіб, які пофарбували пам’ятник у центрі містаНевідомі намалювали на пам’ятнику загиблим воїн…

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