Beginners assistant captain


Under arrest in Iran Ukrainian Andrey Beginners, who is accused of the murder of a sailor Iranian boats Arezoo, went on hunger strike. About it “to Gromadsky” said the first Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in Iran Suren Balanc.

“I confirm this information. We take care of that. All information regarding Novichkova I handed over to the Ministry of foreign Affairs,” he said.

The diplomat refused to talk about the state of starving, stressing that it can only be done after consultation with a starving sailor.

Basins, noted that constantly maintains contact with Novikovym.

Ukrainians detained in Tehran in may 2018 in connection with the disappearance of a sailor Arezoo last winter. Novichkova accused of killing the sailor, he says that the sailor jumped overboard on their own.

Novichkova was detained on this case in February 2017, but the fall was released on personal bond when he went on hunger strike.

The Embassy to “Gromadsky” did not answer the question about the reasons for the new detention.

On the site of Administration of the President of Ukraine there is a petition to intervene in the situation with the Ukrainian sailor. It indicated that the Newcomers worked on the ship the senior assistant to the captain.