The total list of languages available for use in the translator is 108.

Google has added Google translate Translate another five languages. About it reports the Verge with reference to company data.

An interpreter is available for use by Rwandan, Oria, Tatar, Turkmen and Uighur languages.

People who communicate in these languages in life, there are approximately 75 million. Now the translator is available in 108 languages.

The company noted that earlier to Supplement the program in these languages interfere with an insufficient amount of online materials in these languages, specialists able to help.

Until the update is available for about 1% of users of Google Translate, but this figure will continue to grow strongly over the next few days for users of the operating systems Android and iOS.

Earlier it was reported that Google has learned to “understand” the Ukrainian language. The Correspondent also wrote that Google for the first time in 14 years revealed the revenue YouTube.

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