In Germany spending on food €210 per month, in Ukraine – €53. “Radio Liberty” ran the statement of Reva about the expenses of Ukrainians for the products

Reva said that the food culture in Germany is different from the Ukrainian

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“Radio Liberty” compared to official minimum wages in Ukraine and Germany, as well as part of the income that citizens of the two countries spend on food and non-alcoholic drinks on the basis of Ukrainian and European official statistics over the last year.

On 10 August the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva said that the Ukrainians spend on food 50% of the income, as a lot of eating.

“When we’re talking about what the Germans are spending 14% and we 50%, then there is a priority system… the Germans eat a little differently. They have a different diet. Their food culture is very different from ours. Given that food prices are about the same in Germany and Ukraine, they eat less not because they have no opportunity, but because such a culture. And so they spend less compared to our people,” – said the Minister.

“Radio Liberty” said that if the Germans spend on food is 14% of their income, and the minimum wage in the country amounts to €1498 per month, the least well-off Germans spend on food from €210. The Ukrainian minimum wage is €106 per month, and those who get it, spend on food in an average half – €53, that is, four times less than the poor citizens of Germany.

According to statistics, in Ukraine spends 16% of income on utilities, while in Germany – 35% subject to the tenancy.

On recreation and culture, Ukrainians spend 1.4% of revenues, while the Germans – the 35%.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of health of Ukraine reported that, according to doctors, about two thirds of the cases in Ukraine are due to poor diet.

At the same time, the State statistics service of Ukraine provides data on the number of main products that the average Ukrainian consumes during the year. Figures show that over the past few years, the Ukrainians began to eat less. Namely, to consume less meat, milk, fish, eggs, and bread. The share of vegetables remained almost unchanged, and potato average Ukrainian diet has become greater.

Users of social networks reacted to the words Reva jokes and sarcasm.

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