In Corsica a female nudist was shot in the buttock

Nudists got a bullet in the buttocks for refusing to dress up

The owner of a local restaurant fired at tourists on the beach for refusing to get dressed.

In Corsica (France), the owner of a local restaurant fired an air rifle nudists resting on the beach. One of the women was wounded, receiving a bullet in the buttocks, reports Le Parisien.

It is reported that the incident occurred in the town of Poro, Vaccu, near which is a nudist village.

According to the newspaper, the restaurant owner approached a group of tourists and asked to dress or leave, but they refused. As a result, he returned with an air rifle and began to shoot them.

To the police because of the incident was filed ten statements and the owner was arrested. Soon, however, he was released in connection with a lack of evidence. Currently, verification of the information.

It is known that in France in some places, nudism is prohibited, however, on the beach, Cartago where the incident occurred, to be naked is allowed.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that the rating of the most “nudist” countries in the world.

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