Photo: the decision of the Bank very happy customer

The Bank did not explain the reasons for the decision, but experts believe that it is connected with the departure of U.S. Bank from Canada why debt administration has become unprofitable.

Us Bank Chase has written off all the debts of credit card holders in Canada. On Thursday, August 8, reported CBC News.

It is noted that the write-off of touched credit holders co-branded cards issued in collaboration with Amazon and Marriott.

The Bank did not explain the reasons for its decision, but experts attribute it to the fact that Chase left the canadian market last year and the cost of administering the debt was probably higher than the potential profit.

“In the end we realized that this decision would be best for all parties, especially our customers,” said Bank spokesman Maria Martinez.

The Bank also did not disclose how many customers were under the debit and the total amount of forgiven debt.

Earlier it was reported that Swiss banks have started to pay borrowers for the loans.

We will remind, the Ukrainian banks increased profit by almost half. In January-may 2019 solvent banks received 23.4 billion UAH of net profit.

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