In Bucharest Klimkin assured that none of the Romanian school in Ukraine will not be closed

Klimkin explained the law “On education” of the Romanian parliamentarians

Photo: Mariana Betsa / Twitter

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin during a visit to Bucharest assured the Romanian Parliament that none of the Romanian school in Ukraine will not be closed. This was reported in his Twitter press Secretary of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry Marian Betz.

“Pavlo Klimkin reiterated: no Romanian school is closed. No assimilation,” wrote Betz.

.@PavloKlimkin Shte times nagolovu: jodna of rumunska school bude offended. NACO asimelec.

— Mariana Betsa (@Mariana_Betsa) 13 Zhovtnya 2017 R.

She noted that the Minister explained to the Parliament the provisions of the act.

.@PavloKlimkin explaining subject position out law. It’s important, Yak VIN bude implementatie. We will more spitritual s rum community

— Mariana Betsa (@Mariana_Betsa) 13 Zhovtnya 2017 R.

Previously, Betz reported that the Romanian Parliament is in favour of constructive discussion of a legislative act.

On 5 September the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted in the second reading the law “About education”. On 28 September he joined the force.

The document introduces 12-year school education and the educational office of the Ombudsman, as well as expanding the use of the Ukrainian language in education.

Concern about the language of the article in the law expressed Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria and Greece.

On September 26 in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Hungary stated that they will block any further rapprochement between Ukraine and the EU because of the law “On education”.

October 12, PACE adopted a resolution which expressed concern about the new Ukrainian law “About education”. The document stresses that the new legislation entails a significant reduction in rights of national minorities. The Ukrainian delegation, with the exception of Mustafa Dzhemilev, voted against it.

During the debate, the representative of Romania Attila Korodi said: “the Pressure on minority anything good does not give you. Good neighborly relations with Hungary, Romania, Poland need. If you blow up bridges, your country will not help.”

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