In Austria, hundreds of migrant Muslims converted to Christianity

In the Austrian Church believe that migrants me the confidence not to increase the chances of getting asylum

Photo: EPA

In the Catholic Church of Austria on the background of the refugee crisis, recorded a significant number of Muslims who converted to Christianity, writes De.Welt.

The official representative of the Archdiocese of Vienna, said that about 75% of the 750 baptized in 2017 adults were immigrants from Muslim countries. Only in the capital of Austria received the baptism of 260 people from 15 countries.

Responsible in the Archdiocese for the baptism of adults Frederick Dostal believes that migrants change the faith not for the sake of increasing their chances of obtaining asylum. She noted that the Catholic Church in Austria does not want to pseudochristian and strict selection of candidates.

According to Dostal, preparation for baptism takes at least a year, during which candidates regularly attend religious classes and Church services, followed by Christian standards of life and participate in charitable events.

Acute immigration crisis has arisen in connection with the fighting in the middle East and Africa. According to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk during 2015 in Europe came about 1.5 million workers.

The International organization for migration reported that in 2016 in Europe arrived 387 895 refugees, 5143 died or went missing in 2017 arrived 184 169 refugees, 3116 dead or disappeared.

Austria and Germany are amongst the key countries to try to get refugees. In this regard, Austria has introduced an upper limit on the granting of asylum. In 2017, it was $ 35 thousand.

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