In Africa on the old “Moskvich”: Ukrainians went to the extreme trip

Igor driver, marketer, Andrew and cameraman Sergey – preparing for extreme journey six months

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Three nikolayevets went on a journey on the hottest continent on a machine that is 30 years. Wanted to overcome 10 thousand kilometers and visit 10 countries. Did check in a seasoned iron horse – the travellers told the correspondent of “Today”.

On the old “Moskvich” they travel through the desert. Three friends experience itself, and the legend of the Soviet automobile industry in Africa. Igor driver, marketer, Andrew and cameraman Sergey – prepared for the extreme journey of six months.


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To remain halfway without “wheels” – the travelers were not afraid. Bought for $ 300 IZH upgraded. But to avoid technical problems failed.

After crossing the border steel horse went without repair. To Africa, traveled through Europe. Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Morocco, Mauritania, the Gambia is just overcame 9 thousand kilometers. All countries have traveled without a break.

10 countries. That was the plan. But at the entrance to the Senegal 30-year-old “Moskvich” had to sell for 200 Euro.

“Over five years old. There are plenty of older cars, but foreigners cannot. It’s a small price we had no problem selling for big money. there were two options – either we just take stuff and leave, or we sell, and happened to people that we could sell,” says project member Andrew Lykov.

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