In a hospital in India killed more than 60 children

In the hospital in the city of Gorakhpur in North India for the last five days has killed 63 children. About it reports the Indian TV channel NDTV.

Photo: ndtv.com

According to the publication, the deaths were associated with lack of sufficient oxygen in the children’s wards. Many of the victims are children — babies. The government confirmed that on Thursday, August 10, the hospital “with more than 800 beds” worked without oxygen for two hours. But officials, according to the newspaper, said that during this time, deaths in hospital were recorded.

According to the Associated Press, on Thursday, the hospital staff gave to the relatives of the manual oxygen mask. At this time, according to the parents of one of the patients died the most children . As reported by NDTV, on Thursday morning, the hospital staff responsible for storage in the medical facility, the physician wrote that the reserves of liquid oxygen is not enough to evening, but the new cylinders were sent to the hospital only on Friday.

The TV channel said that the hospital may be payable to the supplier. According to the Associated Press, the indebtedness of the hospitals is over $ 106 thousand, the Government, in turn, said that the children died “naturally”. A government official Prashant Trivedi denies reports of lack of oxygen, “the hospital has an adequate supply of cylinders in the warehouse. Therefore reports of deaths of children due to the problems with oxygen — about”.

However, the chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh (where the hospital is located) was instructed to investigate and determine the cause of the mass death of patients.

As marks Bi-bi-si, the hospital is located in one of the poorest regions of India, where annually the high mortality of children due to various diseases, including encephalitis. According to the Minister of health Siddharth Nath Singh, the last three years, in August the death rate in the hospital is at the level of 19-22 person per day.

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