Igor Lutsenko, the desire Groisman deny immunity parasiuk: It’s politically very, very short-sighted

Lutsenko: Groisman has all chances to become the scapegoat

Photo: Igor Lutsenko / Facebook

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman was not necessary to make “irresponsible statements” about the deprivation of individual people’s Deputy Vladimir parasiuk immunity. On 11 January, the MP from the faction “Batkivshchyna” in the Verkhovna Rada Ihor Lutsenko wrote in Facebook.

“30 seconds of analysis of the coming two years is enough to understand that the list in prosecution of figures from the past, and now the “current” mode, Your name is in the top five. Regardless of whether You signed something or not, You, in accordance with the political request of the citizens of Ukraine, want to put”, – he addressed to the head of the government.

According to Lutsenko, if the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and head of the National Bank of Valeria Gontareva “there is a lot of tools in order to get the untouchable old age,” then, “has all the chances to get the role of scapegoat.”

“People want not just landings. People want blood. It may happen that Your namesake Parasyuk will deter determined people to commit bad actions towards You and Your, um, team. Therefore, do not wish Parasyuk evil. First, it is ugly. And secondly, it is politically very, very short-sighted,” – said the MP.

"Гройсман вважає, що з Володимир Парасюк треба зняти недоторканність."Володимире Борисовичу!Ну от навіщо такі непродум…

Posted by Igor Lutsenko on Friday, January 12, 2018

Parasyuk told the publication, “GORDON”, Groysman urged him to allocate additional 20 million UAH for the County, subject to the vote the draft state budget.

“But, first, in the context of the current inflation 20 million to the County’s 175 million voters – it’s a penny. Secondly, the authorities will assume that I can buy. No, no the money’s not worth it. Need to change, not the budget deribanit” – said the MP.

He also said that in the Ukrainian government as “liars and thieves”, which sometimes left with no other choice but to literally fight them.

“How many criminal proceedings initiated me into the fights? 13, 14, and 17. I do not know. What’s the difference? I don’t know,” admitted MP.

January 12, Groisman said that “it is a great shame when a person, authorized by the state, allows himself to such behavior.” He noted that to remove parliamentary immunity from parasiuk can only Verkhovna Rada, but if these issues could be solved by the government and the Prime Minister, the problem would already be solved.

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