I told APU we have a strong, but it was not true: Turchynov explained why not fight for the Crimea

The threat was not only from the Crimea but also in the North the army was formed for the invasion of mainland Ukraine, said the NSDC Secretary

“Little green men” in Crimea, 2014. Photo: AFP

After the Russian invasion in Crimea Ukraine could not afford to give a military rebuff to the aggressor, as the Armed forces of Ukraine were not ready to comply with such an order because of its unpreparedness.

Told about it in interview “to Gromadsky”, the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov.

He recalled that began when the Russian aggression in Crimea, the APU could not repel the aggressor and was not even able to protect their places of deployment on the Peninsula.

“Even the order was not executed. The situation was tragic and the country was in panic. So if I went and complained to the military that they are not able to protect not only the country but also the place of their deployment, we could start mass hysteria. I took the negative, told me that we have a strong APU, although it was not true. But I could not speak something else, and couldn’t tell that the orders are not fulfilled, that the troops can’t protect the people. But the threat was not only from the Crimea. In the North the army was formed for the invasion of mainland Ukraine,” – said Turchinov.


  • The former commander of the military unit in Crimea told about the attack by the Russian military in 2014

The NSDC Secretary noted that it was necessary to buy time for the army training and mobilization, as there was nothing to protect even Kiev.

“For this it was necessary first was to buy time. When war broke out in Donbas, and the army was not yet ready, it was necessary to throw into battle unprepared volunteer battalions. Many children, heroes of Ukraine, were killed. Their blood and heroism stopped the enemy in the East. Already today we can say that they are able to defend the country, repel the enemy. But it was necessary to walk. And then, during the Crimean events, throw unprepared children, conscripts, which then had a majority in the army to certain death – it does not need to be a hero, you have to be a bastard” – he stressed.

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