Hug: Everything suggests that the parties are preparing for a new intensification of the conflict in the Donbass

OSCE has recorded the armored vehicles of militants in the area controlled by the astronomical clock of the Commissary

Photo: OSCE SMM Ukraine / Twitter

The warring parties in the Donbass do not comply with the Minsk agreements, to actively arm themselves and dominate the territory. This was stated by first Deputy head of the special monitoring mission of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe in Ukraine (OSCE SMM) Alexander hug while turning on Skype at Ukraine crisis media center.

He noted that the militants and the Ukrainian military actively digging along the line of demarcation.

“The parties do not divert arms, not bred forces and groups and do not conduct demining. Instead of a full implementation of the agreements…, it seems that the parties do the opposite… Our drones have recorded a lot of new trenches. The two sides have been digging. Everywhere we see a significant number of weapons in the trenches and dugouts,” – said the Deputy head of the OSCE.

Hug added that instead of mine clearing of the territory laid more min. well as representatives of the SMM observed military equipment, which stands on the firing positions from both ORDO, and the government-controlled Ukrainian territory.

“Everything suggests that the parties are preparing for a new conflict intensified in the near future… there is buildup of forces and means of warring parties,” he said.

On page OSCE Twitter notes that the weapons throughout the area of contact is in the armed position.

#OSCE SMM Deputy Chief Monitor Principal Hug: Weapons are dug in, in firing position, all along the contact line #FactsMatter pic.twitter.com/JxCUFd91i7

— OSCE SMM Ukraine (@OSCE_SMM) 23 Jan 2018

The warring parties are actively digging new trenches.

#OSCE SMM Deputy Chief Monitor Principal Hug: The sides are digging in everywhere, literally, and figuratively pic.twitter.com/pVB2X1OgBr

— OSCE SMM Ukraine (@OSCE_SMM) 23 Jan 2018

The OSCE has also shown a new minefield.

#OSCE”s Hug: Not only are the sides not de-mining, they are in fact laying more mines, sometimes even inside disengagement areas pic.twitter.com/KJdQ4lJhGg

— OSCE SMM Ukraine (@OSCE_SMM) 23 Jan 2018

The armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine began in April 2014. Fighting underway between the Armed forces of Ukraine and Pro-Russian rebels who control part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

00.00 23 December 2017 in the conflict zone was announced new year and Christmas truce. December 24, according to Ukrainian military, the militants violated the agreement and opened fire.

The parties have repeatedly declared a truce, but never managed to achieve full compliance.

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