How to recover lost workbook

How to gather information to restore employment

The reference collection. If a business entity is liquidated, you need to contact the state archive. Author photo: Gregory Szalai, “Today”

“Lost work book where I have accumulated 23 years of experience. How to restore it?” Darya Demyanchuk, Kyiv region.

Meets Sergey Gorbatov, lawyer:

The procedure of registration of duplicate specified in the Instruction about the procedure for maintaining service records of employees. Thus, in Instruction No. 58 (section 5) States that a worker who lost work book, should immediately apply for a duplicate at her last job. In turn, the owner or its authorized body must issue the employee a work book or insert to it a new sample with the inscription “duplicate” (in upper right corner of the first page). The document is issued within 15 days after submission of the application, but the period can vary depending on the different kinds of circumstances. A duplicate or a Supplement to employment is filled in a General manner.


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If the employee up to this point has worked elsewhere, in the section “information about work” in the third box of the duplicate entries will be made on the total work experience in total (total number of years, months, days, without specifying the places of work) to the job at the last company, but certified by the documents. The latter can be certified in a certain order of reference on the work of other organisations, copies of the orders or instructions on the acceptance/dismissal or any changes in positions from previous works.

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