How to follow 90% of the work before lunch: 16 easy tips

Make everything you need to tune in to a success. If you need to take a shower, shave, Breakfast, writing in a diary, meditate, feed the dog, do it

Clutter in the office distracting. Photo: pixabay

It so happens that 24 hours a day insufficient to make all scheduled using their productivity. But, it is possible to meet 90% of the work before lunch.

How to do it, knows Neil Patel – consultant, marketer, founder of Internet services Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, transfer Mscam.

1. Plan your day in the evening

Every night you need to list all your tasks and to note exactly when you are going to do the next day. Not planning the morning, you will not be productive. Not plan too much. Schedule free enough to have time to do real work.

2. Get in the office in the evening

Clutter in the office distracting. A note with the words “Urgently call Bob!”can spoil the whole day. And when you appear in a removed account, it helps to think more clearly and work harder.

3. Wake up very early

To do this, you have to get up in time. I recommend the period from 5.30 to 6.30. If your morning routines take more time, you can Wake up even earlier. It is obvious that when you go to bed, it is necessary to adjust this schedule.

4. Exercise

Science shows that morning exercise helps think better, work better and be more productive. Explorer John Raiti from Harvard writes that physical activities are necessary to achieve high performance in intellectually demanding professions. For this you can prepare a short jog or a 30 minute yoga class.

5. Follow your schedule

Do not allow yourself to deviate from the planned course. You do not have time so much. Do not break the schedule if it leads you – then you will have time for more.

6. Give yourself 20 minutes to get into the rhythm

The feeling of flow comes when you are fully immersed in their business, focus on it and achieve results at a high level and at a fast pace. You need time to be in this state – if not feel overwhelmed with the work, wait for a while.

7. Make a decision in 60 seconds

Decision – making- a vortex that sucks time. When you are faced with having to make a decision while you work, give yourself a minute. The final decision will not be worse, but take less time.

8. Use headphones

They reduce distractions and help you focus. Harvard Business Review recommends that workers wear them to be productive.

9. First, do the hardest

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