How the West responds to the situation with Saakashvili

How Saakashvili came to Ukraine, — the political circus that harms the reputation of the country. So responded to the events of Western politicians and experts interviewed by DW.

Mikhail Saakashvili (center) surrounded by his supporters in the Ukrainian-Polish border (Photo: Valentin, Ogirenko / Reuters)

The scandalous return of September 10, in Ukraine, ex-the Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili, who is deprived of Ukrainian citizenship, were observed in the West. DW interviewed European politicians and experts about how politically correct the situation around Saakashvili, and what role it can play for both him personally and for Ukraine.

The MEP from Lithuania Petras auštrevičius shocked by what happened at the Ukrainian-Polish border on Sunday, September 10, when Saakashvili tried to enter the territory of Ukraine . According to the MEP, the day before he met in Brussels with Saakashvili and he promised not to use violence during the return to Ukraine.

“I’m not accusing Saakashvili and do not consider him a supporter of violent politics. However, when you speak to people and become part of a large crowd, to control its actions impossible. Usually for politicians is very dangerous to first appeal to the people, and then to become a party committed mob action. How Saakashvili came to Ukraine, will affect his political career,” said MEP in an interview with DW.

The EU has no interest in the situation around Saakashvili

Petras Austrevicius believes that the EU position in this conflict is from the series: do not pull us, do not make us a part of these events. These events politicized, many Ukrainian politicians are trying to become part of this process. “I don’t see any interest of the EU, institutions of the European Union to be involved in this situation. What the EU is legal, fast and fair decision on Saakashvili. Now it is for the court, and Ukraine has the opportunity to prove that it is a country which has the rule of law,” the MEP said in an interview with DW.

“Breakthrough” border Saakashvili is unlikely to cause a big reaction in the West because, despite the achievements in the reform of Georgia, he looked too pathetic to be taken seriously, an analyst at the German Marshall Fund Joerg Forbrig (Jörg Forbrig).

“Saakashvili effectively uses the loss of Ukrainian citizenship for a political comeback. In this he joins forces with Yulia Tymoshenko, who is hardly a model Democrat. This two inveterate populist, challenging the hesitant reformer Petro Poroshenko. This is not what inspires most Western leaders. They will try this from Byzantine history to stay as far as possible”, — said the expert.

Yulia Timoshenko and Mikhail Saakashvili. Photo: Reuters

Damage to Ukraine’s image in the West

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer in the comments DW said that the situation around the ex-President of Georgia looks like a political circus.

“President Poroshenko has set the stage, depriving Saakashvili of Ukrainian citizenship. And that, in turn, chose the path of a theatrical return to Ukraine. It is necessary to question the motives of both. It does not improve the image of Ukraine in the West,” — says the diplomat. MEP Rebecca harms (Rebecca Harms) also believes that, in her words, unnecessary story hurts the reputation of Ukraine, whose citizens already have enough problems.

Hurricane “Irma”, the elections in Germany, the antics of the Polish ruling party “law and justice” — the officials in Berlin, Brussels and Washington are engaged in these matters and will not actively respond to the situation with Saakashvili, says Gustav Gressel (Gustav Gressel) of the European Council on foreign relations (ECFR).

The internal Affairs of Ukraine

“This is an internal Ukrainian Affairs, and few Western politicians want to get involved in these quarrels. Not to allow Saakashvili to enter in Ukraine have been unwise decision. Now to him more attention as a political figure than he would be if Poroshenko was not kicked out. It does not think there will be early elections, as there is no majority in Parliament for the dissolution of Parliament. This is not interested neither the President nor the government,” — said the analyst.

MEP from Poland Jacek Saryusz-Wolski criticized the actions of the Ukrainian government, Saakashvili promised to raise this question at the nearest session of the European Parliament. However, his colleague the MEP from Lithuania Petras auštrevičius believes that it is useless.

“I don’t see the interest in the European Parliament to be involved in this political case. The European Parliament is not going to be a mediator in the political debate between Saakashvili and other Ukrainian politicians”, — said the European politician.

And if it happened on the border in Lithuania?

In an interview with DW Petras Austrevicius told, could something like that happen on the Lithuanian border: “we are attempts by illegal migrants to enter the country. This is done usually at night. It is a crime and these people arrested. They are considered to be in conflict with the law”.

The MEP recalls that, according to the Association agreement with the EU, Ukraine needs to control its borders. This means that everyone who crosses the border must present documents to undergo the process of identification. And only then he has the right to enter the territory of Ukraine.

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