Horoscope for the week: 14 – 20 January

The virgins are waiting for the transformation in the sphere of love, and Libra it is time to earn money! Horoscope for the week for “Today was prepared by the astrologer” Love Shihmatova.

Horoscope for the week for all zodiac signs. Photo: pixabay.com

Arena optimal fulfillment, which will “reset” – career, business, professional activity. Everyone has their peak, which was in labor pain for a long time. If you all ETS strive to develop professionally and a job at this stage corresponds to the creative vocation – it’s wonderful! You are very lucky. And if not, alas, have to change the sled, changing business direction. Want to strengthen official throne – fascinate the boss, protect yourself from the competitors by high professionalism, and will certainly read the work team, you should be in business “the cage”, putting its interests at the forefront. The influence of the surrounding environment, psychological atmosphere, people’s actions can be fatal. Be smart, learn to feel, analyze, adapt. Stick With The Scorpions.

Week will be held under the banner of the struggle for justice on all fronts. In order not to harm yourself and others, you should adhere to spiritual and earthly laws. To be able to synthesize their own experiences, beliefs with someone else’s worldview, tips. To become righteous, honest, objective, reborn from the ashes of yesterday’s mistakes. The experience and knowledge must pass through the heart to become the crown of wisdom. However not all luck.
If the partner is too overbearing and keeps you on a leash, not a rebellion, this is the hour of self-affirmation of the beloved. Next step dedicated, all help and quietly love him, then the family will not ship aground. The lighthouse – home of the harbour. To turn to the side is prohibited! Complete business with Capricorn.

Who does not risk does not drink champagne! But now to rush headlong into a dangerous adventure, any action you should carefully detail plan. In the Covenant of marriage is a process of “reformatting”, feeling refreshed, where the intimate side especially relevant to maintain the fire of love. And where is the evil one plotting. Without a reliable heart of the satellite does not live in perfect harmony, together host, filling the equivalent of the total budget, and your home will become a cornucopia. Debts should be immediately paid up and trotted debtors who forgot to pay. If something is promised and postponed for later, navertyvat. The field “consumption-income” requires urgent revision, in order to avoid losses in the future. Regularly and actively involved in the industry, a great deal of work, but don’t overdo it. A time of grace for the healing of old wounds continues. Keep Kosonogov, joint interest useful.

The week’s events dramatically crucial. The relations “I – YOU” are changing the format, where teams of partners (sometimes with a spice of inadequacy). If in the native land bubble family feuds – this is not a reason to cut the ball and chain. Heart start the engine, it “detonates” in the satellite the same feelings. To be paired share happiness and sorrow is a lesson that you must pass, reviving a withered feelings, enhancing libido and restoring a beautiful love castle. Children play an important role in life, teach them to stand on the ground to act independently (Fortuna them smiling), then your fate will improve. And not in a hurry to beat the pots with others, seek to compromise by any means.

You are waiting for labour who with new and old loads (where there is a wealth of experience). Harnessed, take all you offer, overcome them and earn money. The repertoire of the business of the authority is wide, you have the talent of the commander. Change of the place of work to those who sat back and earned a poor employment image. But remember what he ran, to come to a new place. Workers to stay afloat. At the same time take care of family wellbeing, household care, which focuses a happy chance.
Relationship with a Capricorn the most productive.

In the sphere of love transformation. High romantic feeling you will raise change for the better, to bring happiness. And unnecessary people will automatically go with the life of the field – “primaniyarta” most necessary for the development of the face. Your creed of nature – if love, the need for that. The requirements chosen must be rational, virtuosos and seductress needs to be removed from the list of contenders for the heart and hand. But for you love is a sacrificial altar, give feelings freely, asking nothing in return. If deserved – you will get back with a vengeance. And as to find their way to the heart of the chosen one is easy, time to connect the voice magic and explains in love, flirt, Prelate. Word material. But keep in mind, this epopee should be held with old partners. Hobby new pass is dangerous, a huge risk to go astray. The sphere of contacts the most dynamic, here, everything boils, don’t turn into the aggressor, in time to change the energy polarity of the “minus” to “plus”. The fate of the children outlined Cardinale positive changes. To cooperate appropriate with Capricorn.

You experienced enormous business skills that is the time to convert into cash. Will succeed and get rich workers. “Do not shoot” around, your faithful friend and the Prince of hearts is in the family hearth, where the source of romantic pleasure, the friendly idyll. House of the Holy, master the role of homemakers, carefully bring the family watch, and the other half of the force give business. Earn money while you’re ahead! Miss good chances then bitterly regret. Many have activation of old relationships to realize some of these things to go away forever, or to resume at the highest level.Keep Kosonogov.

You are extremely charming and sexy (especially women), fate continues to caress you, creating a great opportunity to gain credibility, the strengthening of the power pedestal. Rationally use the circumstances reasonable and almost come to Dating (they are crucial), reestablish old business contacts. A clear plan strategy, now you are the General at the front leading the army to victory, able to make responsible decisions. Own views, thoughts are dominant, if you convince not to succumb to temptation, trust only the inner voice. But there is filter running information. All global events are taking place nearby. Not worth it to race for a fortune far away.

Want everything now! To rein in the insatiable material appetites. This obsession with harm, much of what you want probably already you don’t need is the whim of the Ego. How inspired are you ready to earn, and that’s okay, because there are rich business skills, and eager to spend. To obtain the desired partially succeed, “donors” generous business proposition profitable, but be careful not to get hooked on temptations. Make a revision in the temple of their own desires, sifting the wheat from the chaff, then you will not go bankrupt by overspending. At the same time, ensure that finances do not become a bone of contention in relations with others. For it is the devil’s tricks. Charity is the red thread through your being. Be sure to serve alms to the needy, go to the requests. And remember about the high Heavenly patrons, they will not give offense, because secret enemies still aim for the back (to 26january).

You have to go to a higher level of spiritual evolution, rising from the ashes of past mistakes, blunders. “Long live updating” is the motto of the week. Stop hiding, your place at the public podium, flaunt, present themselves, attention should be focused on your bright person. There is something to attract – excellent! You on a white horse, who races in the future. And the environment forges your victory. Especially friends, pray for them and do not hurt.

Being in a karmic rhythm, to name a few scenarios from the past life, you again “twist” mystery novels, staying in the sweet illusions, mistakenly making plans for the future. Useless the problem is a fairy-tale dream, which is the final stage of the past. It is necessary to restore order and to put a final point to make room for new energies. To strengthen partnership bridges do charity, protect the pious, sacrificing themselves expensive. A soul mate is your secret benefactor, ascetic and mirror of conscience. With it, you now pass the test of selflessness and dedication. And at the same time focus on career achievements (the business), this path is decorated with professional and material success, and household chores – minor subject to lock myself in the family wall – to spiritually regress.

Time to adjust the future. The door to a brighter tomorrow hospitably open, but there you can enter provided that will conduct an audit in a friendly environment, leaving only the desired close comrades in spirit, interests. In the service everything is fine, the black line behind, if you are the perfect specialist, the financial moths, sit down, and work is bread place, hold onto it, the increase in salary is quite real. If assistants, colleagues, employees become friends, then go the right way.


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